Ananday Natural Yoga

We make plant-based, non-toxic, plastic-free yoga tools that are safe for you and safe for mama earth.

Because most yoga products are made from toxic plastics and synthetics (that are then wrapped in more plastic) to leach onto us as we practice, and pollute the earth for 100s+ years. And that’s not cool.

Our mission is zero waste.

All of our pieces are 100% biodegradable & recyclable, including the packaging.

We make our products with little-to-no extras—like plastic wrap, labels, and tags. Because today single-use plastic makes up over 50% of all plastics thrown away. Yikes!

Our aim is zero wastefrom production, to delivery, to end-of-life.

Ananday Zero Waste Packaging
Ananday Planet Kind Yoga

We believe yoga transforms.

Our body, our mind, our world.

Yoga starts with what’s familiar—the body and breath—to move into what’s not so familiar—the inner self. The part of us that’s profoundly connected to all that is (but often obscured by to-do-lists, bills, worries, everyday life..)

It’s from within that we change the trajectory of our life and our planet.

“As within, so without.”

This is our founder Ksenia.

She started Ananday after endlessly searching for eco-friendly yoga things.

It turns out even yoga products advertised as eco-friendly are often made from toxic cocktails like PVC, TPE, PER, EVA… Disguised as sustainable, but really just plastic (aka Greenwashing). Not quite the non-harming that yoga is about.

She thought, “Hmm… there must be a better way.” Check out Ksenia’s interview re: Ananday on the Dharma Talk podcast.

Ananda means bliss in sanskrit. Our highest, most joyful state of being. Ananday is a self-loving revolution to connect to our bliss everyday.

P.S. If you have ANY questions about ANY of our products, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are 100% transparent, always & forever.

Ananday About Ksenia Voropaeva

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