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Hello World!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by this corner of the internet.

This is Ananday, which came about as a way to turn my passion for yoga into something I can give back to others. May this content be of service to you!

If you’re curious to know more — long ago I started down this rabbit hole because like many of you (I’m betting!) I felt like something was missing. My pre-planned path of school, university, office job, suburban home with a white picket fence, etc, became unbearable. And far scarier than whatever could possibly lie on the other side of the unknown. So I said goodbye to my logical/linear career path, goodbye to many of the relationships of my life, and in many ways began anew.

Don’t get me wrong! This was not a drastic cut to all that’s familiar. Rather a gradual unraveling. I went from working for large corporations to working for startups to working for myself. From living a scripted life to slowly embracing uncertainty. From prioritizing appearances and material gain to the pursuit of what’s beyond.

What’s funny is that now (in hindsight) I realize that the underlying current has always been there, pulling me along since I was little. I’d just drown it out with things I thought were more important — good grades, good school, secure job, SAFETY. And these things are important, and for me served as an invaluable foundation, especially as an immigrant who owes so much to my mother for bearing the burden of moving our lives to a foreign land. It’s important to build a foundation — to take care of yourself, to pay your bills, to set up a comfortable life. That’s HUGE — it’s our 1st chakra, our rooting. But the continued, mind-numbing pursuit of gain for gain’s sake is not the most important thing. It’s easy to get lost in the chase. Days turn into weeks.. weeks into years.. years make up a life. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives.

Anyway, long story short.. one day while working on Wall Street and chasing all these fleeting things, I dragged myself to a yoga class. I was burnt out and in desperate need of a safe space to be with myself. I’d tried yoga before and strongly disliked it. But for some reason, I had this urge to try again. To my surprise, what I experienced this time was very different. It was unsettling but also deeply peaceful and liberating. I felt like just for a moment I could breathe again. Like I had a new sense of self.

That was almost 10 years ago. So much [read: EVERYTHING] has changed in my life, but the yoga has remained. Who would have thought! Certainly not me. In all my planning, this was not part of my script. Life is funny that way.

I’m writing this from a little casita on a lake that reflects most beautiful shades of blue I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m in Mexico, in the middle of NYC winter. I’m not here on a short vacation from a job I want to quit (but I’ve been there!) I’m here living and experiencing and creating with no end date. That, to me is a miracle.

And this is where Ananday comes in. [Ananda] means bliss in Sanskrit. In yoga, it’s the highest, most joyful state of being — the bliss body. Anan[day] is about connecting with our bliss every day. Because we can! Because we have that choice.

Ultimately, I believe we’re here to learn and grow and to realize our highest selves. It’s so easy to get distracted by other people’s stories and to want to judge or solve their issues and not look at ourselves. But we are here to travel our own path.

If we can do that — if we can take the incredibly brave step of looking at ourselves and choosing self-love and self-healing above all — then we serve the highest expression of all that is. We change the world by changing ourselves.


Where to start? By connecting with ourselves.

With our body, our breath, with how we feel.

Even if for just a few minutes a day.

When we turn our awareness inward, a major shift in consciousness occurs.

It’s from here that we can create the life we dream of – a life of joy, abundance, and peace.

If any part of this speaks to you, join us in pursuit of authentic teachings + the most body and planet kind yoga tools.

XO, Ksenia

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