How we pack.

Our products come with little-to-no packaging.
We’re minimizing this step to reduce our footprint and single-use waste.
Because every single piece of plastic ever made still exists.

Ananday Zero Waste Packaging

Single-use packaging makes up over 50% of plastic waste. Used only once but on the earth for 100s of years. Yikes!

Because of this we make our products with little-to-no extras—like plastic wrap, labels, and tags.

How we pack: Our products are made from durable materials that require minimal padding. All product details + care instructions can be found HERE (the internet can be a great way to reduce waste!) The product labels we do use are made from 100% compostable wild grass so no trees are harmed.

We’re also swapping single-use items for long-term lovable pieces. Ex: instead of plastic wrap to package our rolled mats, we use a hemp carry strap. Win for our customers, win for our planet!

How we ship: Our packing labels and padding are 100% recyclable, compostable and plastic free. We re-use packaging whenever possible and seal our boxes with biodegradable tape.

Our mission is zero waste. If any plastic does slip through, we partner with TerraCycle to recycle the “non-recyclables.”

Thank you for practicing #planetkindyoga!