Low waste living.


Our go-to gadgets that make healthy, sustainable eating a lot easier (and less time consuming!)

A plant-based, unprocessed diet is one of the most significant changes we can make. For ourselves and our planet. Our fav tools:
Vitamix blender
VitaClay steamer
Berkey water filter
EasyGreen sprouter


Water is life, it sustains us. But it's being bottled at a rate of 1 MILLION plastic water bottles per MINUTE. Whenever possible, BYOB(bottle).

Water carries vital nutrients + minerals. Here are our fave filters that keep the bad things out and the good things in:
Berkey water filter
Aquagear pitcher
GRAYL travel filter
Charcoal water filter


These littles contain the entire plant potential, grow without soil or sun, and cost less than any other food based on nutritional value. #superfood

Sprout legumes, nuts, greens and more to nutrients, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants + digestion-ability.
How to: Sprout form a jarSprout from a colanderSimplify w/ automaticWhat and where to buy.


One of the best ways to reduce processed foods and plastics is to buy local, in-season produce and bulk goodies.

Zero waste shopping & storage made easy. BYOC(containers).
Produce shopping: Cotton bags
Grains, beans, nuts, teas, and such: Ball, Weck, Le Parfait
Leftovers: Steel
Herbs: Amber bottles
Spices: Mtn Rose
Misc: Silicone bags


Most brand-name products contain known toxins and carcinogens. Which companies in the U.S. are not required to list. YIKES! And they're packaged in single-use plastic.


Goodbye bad vibes. Hellooo balance and positivity. Our energy lingers—stress, anxiety, arguments, other people's stuff. Smoke cleansing clears & resets.

Sage: remove negativity
Palo Santo: purify
Sweetgrass: attract positivity
Cedar: support
Lavender: uplift
– Intro to smoke cleansing
– Clear & cleanse with mantras COMING SOON!

House mates

From purifying indoor air to boosting our mood, plants influence our home as much as our body and mind.

Houseplants purify indoor air, improve mood, and connect us to mama earth.
Crushes: MonsteraBird of ParadiseFiddle Fig
Low water: SnakePothos
Medicinal: Aloe

Grow Your Own

From sprouting to backyard farming, growing food grounds and heals.

Ayurveda teaches that growing our own food infuses plants with energy that’s uniquely needed by our bodies to heal.
Small space: Sprout
Medium: Container
Big space: Square foot gardening

Everyday go-to's

From biodegradable phone cases to toxicity apps—everyday go-to's to support our health and our planet.

Some recommendations contain affiliate links. We only share products we love, trust, and use ourselves. When possible, shop locally and buy in bulk!