Natural self-care.


1 of 6 purification tenchiques in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Nose cleansing protects the body from sinus dis-ease, balances Right and Left hemispheres, and clears the way for B-R-E-A-T-H.
How to guide
Our favorite neti pot

Tongue scraping

Daily detox for overnight toxins.

Ancient Ayurvedic  technique to remove Ama, or toxins that build up in our body as we sleep. A.k.a. 1-min-daily-detox.
What to use
How to use


Ayurvedic self-massage.

Benefits: nourish your body, relieve tension, improve circulation, slow aging, support sleep.
How to guideFor headFor feetFor body (P.S. coconut oil is good for all)


Like acupuncture w/o the needles.

Unblocks energy along our meridians, or pathways, to activate self-healing.
– Practical guide to acupressure
– Myofascial release toolFoot rollerBody Gua Sha

Oil pulling

A detox for oral and digestive health.

Kinda like Ayurvedic mouthwash. Swish oil to remove bacteria, strengthen enamel, protect gums, and whiten teeth.
– How to guide
What to use: Sesame oil, Coconut oil

Dry brushing

For detoxification, rejuvenation, and a healthy glow.

Our skin is our largest organ. And the body’s primary system of elimination. Keep it brushed & happy:
– How to dry brush
Brushes: Round,
Short handle, Long handle

Natural skincare

Our favorite non-toxic, plant-based solutions.

Nontoxic makeup

Skip the junk, support your radiance with the natural stuff.

The E.U. has banned >1,400 ingredients, the U.S. <10..! Here are brands we trust for non-toxic beauty:
ILIA, Kjaer Weis,
VapourAlima PureJane Iredale

Safety razor

For a zero waste, moolah saving shave (that's curve friendly).

2 billion plastic razors are tossed each year in the U.S. to end up in landfills and oceans. Leaf and
Albatross eliminate disposable plastic and packaging +
save time and $$.

Menstrual cup

A sustainable, economical and healthier period.

1. Bleeding is divinely feminine & beautiful. 2. A silicone cup keeps millions of disposable products out of landfills. 3. Byeee “pink tax”.
Our go-to cup (not into inserts?)

Natural hair

Keep the shine, hold the hair-stripping.

Most hair products (even natural ones) strip hair oils and trigger frequent washings. A natural way: Ayurvedic hair health, Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil, Herbal hair rinse

Nontoxic nails

Bc conventional nail care is extra toxic.

Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP – a few toxic, carcinogenic chemicals in most nail polishes. Skip that. DIY at home or BYOP(products):
10-Free, Côte, Cuticles. Nail tools

Gua sha

Ancient practice that stimulates fascia, detoxes the body, and unblocks energy.

Toning, firming, anti-aging. Use a stone tool on face/body to move lymph and built-up toxins, improve blood flow, and increase chi.
– Learn facial Gua Sha – What to use

Breath control

“The quality of your breath is the quality of your life.” —Gurmukh

Breath is the bridge between body & mind. It is the most powerful tool for growth, healing and self-awareness.
– Science of breath
– 3 min. daily practice
– Online class 

Healing crystals

Tap into Mama Earth's vibrations harnessed over the millennia.

Crystals are energy conductors. They store high vibe patterns accessible anytime we need a lil’ help. Use to ground, to heal, to manifest.
– The Crystal Bible
– Beginner’s Guide

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