Sustainable Cork Yoga Mat


Our bestselling yoga mat. Designed to support your body and our planet.

Best. Mat. Ever. Totally non-slip for sweaty hot yoga, supports sensitive knees (I often have to use a blanket for the knees, but not with this mat), great thickness, beautiful, well-made, biodegradable… I’ve tried so many mats, and this one is undoubtedly my favorite. Love at first use. Using these mats for the rest of my life!” – Anton

Perfect Grip! Best Mat! I have been practicing yoga for almost 15 years, have tried Manduka, Liforme, Jade, and the Ananday is my favorite. I love that it is sustainable. Definitely recommend!” – Maria

Finally, a yoga mat where my hands don’t slip! I’ve had a hard time finding a yoga mat where my sweaty hands don’t slide but this cork yoga mat did the trick!” – Nik

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The Ananday mat is natural, non-toxic, non-slip, and 100% biodegradable—from the earth, to you, and safely back to the earth.

Because there’s no layer of separation between your practice and your mat. What are you really practicing on? No PVC, no PER, no TPE, no plastic cocktails or toxic chemicals here.

  • Natural, non-toxic, non-slip.
  • Sustainable cork + natural tree rubber base.
  • Bound together by high-temp pressure (READ: no toxic glues!)
  • FREE hemp carry strap. Take your mat wherever you go (go far!)
  • REVERSIBLE. Flip to the tree rubber side for extra traction.
  • 100% biodegradable, including the packaging. From the earth, to you, safely back to the earth. Learn how we pack.

Cork is one of the most earth-friendly materials available. No trees are cut down during harvest. The bark is stripped by hand every 9 years and regenerates itself. A harvested cork oak tree absorbs up to 5x more carbon dioxide than one that isn’t harvested. Cork trees support some of the world’s most biodiverse forests.

Practicing on materials from the earth is GROUNDING. Our hands and feet have marma points or energy pathways. Practicing barefoot (and barehand) connects us with our planet’s subtle energy. Grounding balances biological rhythms, calms the nervous system, and helps our body heal. It’s nature doing its thing.


  • Plant-based — sustainable cork + premium natural tree rubber.
  • Non-toxic — no junk, no toxins, no harsh glues/dyes/inks, and no plastic (ever).
  • Non-slip — Sweat + Cork = Grip. Cork releases an organic grip-enhancing substance when wet so it gets even more grippy when you sweat! No towel needed.
  • Supportive — 4 mm thick base for balance, comfort and support. Keep your wrists and knees happy and healthy.
  • Antimicrobial — cork’s surface naturally removes bacteria and odors. No funky smells.
  • Carefree care — to clean simply spray with a natural mat cleanser and lay flat to dry.
  • Practice ready — no break in period. Rolls out flat and stays put.
  • Zero waste — 100% biodegradable. Good for you, good for mama earth.
  • FREE hemp carry strap — instead of plastic wrap we use a hemp strap to keep the mat rolled for shipping. Win for you, win for our planet! Learn how we pack low waste.
  • TRACTION TIP — spray water around hands and feet before practice for extra grip.
  • *ADVANCED TIP — if you’re practicing inversions like forearm stands and handstands and want to maximize traction, flip the mat over for a grainy rubber texture (similar to a Jade mat).


  • Roll your mat up loosely, don’t fold or crease.
  • With extensive use, surface cracking will occur. This is purely visual and does not affect the firmness or durability of the mat.
  • To clean, simply spray with a natural yoga mat cleanser and lay or hang flat to dry.
  • Cleaning recommended 1x weekly, more frequently with heated classes.

End of life

  • Cork and tree rubber are 100% biodegradable.
  • If and when you’re ready to part with your mat, consider donation or drop it off at a recycling center.

Our products are junk-free, natural, non-toxic — no PVC, no TPE, no synthetics, no plastics. Our mission is zero waste. 100% biodegradable and recyclable, including our packaging. From the earth to the earth. Learn how we pack.

Additional information

Weight 6.40 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 5 in

72" x 24", 4 mm thick


Sustainable cork top layer, natural tree rubber base

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Love the mat, very happy with the purchase

This makes us so happy! Thank you for your review. Happy practicing Jackson!
6 Months of 3-4x a week so I am confident I have a thorough review. 3 mat comparison

To frame this review, let's visit the competitive set first. This mat was immediately a contender in my arsenal of a Lululemon "The Reversible Mat 5mm" and my Manduka "PROlite 71" Yoga Mat". TLDR The Ananday became the best of both worlds and so now the others gather dust. I originally bought the Manduka because of it being a zero waste, non-toxic, and the claim that it didn't need a towel. However, the grip wasn't as good as the Lululemon so that was my go-to mat for my winter hot vinyasa 4x a week practices. Though that is where the benefits stopped for the Lululemon mat. That mat had a terrible plastic smell for several weeks when I first got it, it often needed the occasional wipe in the middle of class because I sweat a lot, and it wasn't always dry by the time I needed it for the next morning's practice. In swooped the Ananday mat, which has amazing grip and somehow grips even better when the cork gets wet, it has no smell, it is zero waste, it dries rapidly, and people seem to be really drawn to the natural and neutral look of the cork. Quite a few people have asked me where I purchased the mat. I would suggest buying yours now before she sells out. I have no regrets and I would wager a lot of money that you won't either.

Chris thank you for your amazing review!! So ecstatic the mat is a fit! And thank you for spreading the world, it means so much!

Best. Mat. Ever.

Totally non-slip for sweaty hot yoga, supports sensitive knees (I often have to use a blanket for the knees, but not with this mat), great thickness, beautiful, well-made, biodegradable... I've tried so many mats, and this one is undoubtedly my favorite. Love at first use. Using these mats for the rest of my life!

This makes us so incredibly happy to hear!! So glad our mat can support your practice!
Finally, a yoga mat where my hands don't slip!

I've had a hard time finding a yoga mat where my sweaty hands don't slide but this cork yoga mat did the trick! I first tried another brand cork mat that was less expensive but the flip side was not natural rubber, something cheaper, and that other brand mat would not lay flat. The natural rubber backing on this mat makes it substantial, yes, it weighs more, but it's worth it to me to have durability and a mat that lays flat. This mat rolls up nicely, and unrolls perfectly flat. The best part is no slipping! My favorite yoga mat - I have used it regularly for a few months now and hoping that it stands the test of time because it's exactly what I was looking for!

Yesss, we're so happy you found the non-slip magic with us!! (P.S. if you ever want even more grip, you can flip the mat over to the natural rubber side, especially for tricky poses like forearm stand :)
Perfect for sweaty, hot yoga

Love it! Perfect for hot yoga, hardly even use a towel.

Yay, not needing a towel is the best! That's what we're going for. No towel = less washing and fewer microfibers ending up in the ocean.
My new favorite yoga and dance mat!

I practice & teach yoga daily, so I was looking for an all-natural natural mat w/ a solid grip for heated classes. I love that it's sustainable & reversible, but also durable & easy-to-clean. In a 105°F heated room, the wetter it got, the grippier! A nice surprise.

The cork feels SO lovely and natural w/ a slight cushion - I don't think I'll ever go back to other mat materials now that I've experienced cork. Although it's slightly heavier than some mats, the (I think?) hemp strap makes it easy to carry around. I look forward to a future lighter version, although it's not unreasonable to travel around with this mat.

LOVE and would recommend to any of my students or yoga practitioners. 5/5.

Yesss, so happy the mat is a fit for your practice and teaching! This made our day :D Stay tuned, we do have a travel version of the cork mat coming soon!!
Perfect Grip! Best Mat!

I LOVE this mat! It has the perfect amount of grip, didn’t have a funky smell when I took it out of the box, and is more lightweight than other cork mats I have seen. I have been practicing yoga for almost 15 years, have tried Manduka, Liforme, Jade, and the Ananday is my favorite. I love that it is sustainable. Definitely recommend!

SO happy to hear our mat is supporting your practice Maria!! And Beyond honored to be your favorite mat (among such good company)! Happy practicing!
The most reliable yoga buddy you'll ever need!

I honestly think Ananday Yoga mat is the best one on the market. I initially decided to look into it as I noticed few people at my yoga school using it without towels. I practice yoga more than 4-5 times a week and hate carrying and washing towels every time I practice. Without towels most of the mats I've practiced on were slippery and would lose color and look too shabby. I asked around and was about to order the mat online when it came to my attention that I could buy it on Amazon!

I've used it several times, at home, at class (both, rocket and slow-paced classes) and I honestly love it! The fact that it's planet friendly is crucial too. I was a little suspicious in the beginning, thought it was just a false advertising and the product itself wouldn't live up to expectations but all my friends seemed to love it. So I bought one a week ago and it definitely exceeds expectations. It's a bit heavier than few other mats I've practiced on, and you can feel the high quality with a first touch! It doesn't move around on the floor and isn't slippery at all! Doesn't stick to my skin, doesn't smell and provides a reliable ground for my practice.

Ananday mat honestly changed the way I practice. I don't have to worry about fixing towels, being afraid to slip and hit my head... Once again, it's the most reliable component of my practice and I immediately retired my two other mats. P.S. It's also one of the best bargains! Believe me, I've tried $150 mats and none are as good as this one.

Wholeheartedly recommend!

P.S. Colour of the mat is absolutely perfect too.

Thank you for your kind review Seba!!! So thrilled you're loving the cork yoga mat! Not needing a towel definitely makes practice prep easier, and non-slip is Key for head safety :) Happy practicing!!

Yoga Mat

Thank you for your review Emily!! Happy practicing!
Absolutely Love this mat!

This is a beautiful mat! I practice almost daily on it, and this mat never stinks from sweat, dries fast and stays fresh than other rubber mats that I used before. Also more sweaty I get during the practice cork gribs stronger, so I don't slip on my sweat. Very happy with my purchase :)

So glad the cork mat is supporting your practice Mila! We love 'the sweatier, the grippier' magic also :D