Renewable Support Block


1 block = 1 🌱 tree planted.

Support your practice without the harmful stuff.

Yoga is all about unblocking our energy and our potential. Props help make new postures accessible while keeping alignment.

When we prioritize alignment in every yoga pose (vs. forcing a shape) we open up channels in our body (called Meridians in Chinese Medicine) for tension/stagnation/trauma to release, on both the physical and emotional level. This is when our energy transforms—when we stay and breathe in alignment with ourselves.

Here’s to your alignment!

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  • One block — get a single block, or go ahead and get 2. To stack, prop, support, align, right side, left side, both sides.
  • Sustainable — cork is one of the most earth-friendly materials available. No trees are cut down during harvest and cork bark renews itself.
  • Non-toxic — 100% renewable cork, no harsh chemicals, no plastic packaging.
  • Versatile — our 4x6x9″ block can be rotated to modify height so you have 3 levels of difficulty to work with.
  • Comfortable — contoured edges for comfortable grip and support.
  • Portable — lightweight and travel-friendly.
  • Made to last — for a lifelong practice.
  • BEGINNER: excellent for modifications in standing poses like triangle and side angle, and for core work.
  • INTERMEDIATE: practice jump backs and squeeze between legs in wheel.
  • ADVANCED: use between forearms in forearm stand, between hands in handstand, and to assist in press ups.


  • Cork is naturally antimicrobial, eliminating bacteria, germs and odors. For a deeper clean, simply spray with a natural mat cleanser and let dry.

End of life

  • 100% biodegradable.

Our products are junk-free, natural, non-toxic. No PVC, no TPE, no synthetics, no plastics. 100% biodegradable and recyclable, including the packaging. From the earth to the earth. Learn how we pack.

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Additional information

Weight2.2 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 9 in



100% renewable cork

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for!

I was on the search for yoga equipment that would be sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and quality gear. Once I found Ananday I was convinced and bought a block, yoga mat, and strap. I love them all and they are so pretty to look at too! Highly recommended!

Thank you for your generous review Reilly!! So thrilled to hear the mat, block and strap are a fit! This makes our day :)