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Love my bag. Just what I was looking for. Very spacious. I can carry my 2 m.ats without any problem and still have space for my towel and block.. Thanks.

The best!

I am so happy with my purchase!! Excellent quality, fast shipping and great service.

My first cork yoga mat and I love it!

So thankful to Ksenia for making the perfect yoga mat. I got my mat about three months ago and been so happy with the grip and its durability. I spend a lot of time on my mat and so happy it's made out of natural materials without any chemicals.

Thank you for your kind review Eliza!! Love seeing your practice in the wild. It's been such a joy to witness your journey from NYC to Hawaii! Keep on
Great mat!

I just received my mat and have been using it for about a week. It grips well and is very comfortable. It is heavy but I Usenet it for home practice so that isn’t a concern for me. Love my purchase!

So glad you're loving your mat Alison! Thank you so much for your review!!

As soon as I saw it, i knew I had to buy it because of how the environmental purpose behind it and how well it was made; the strap is soft on the arm. It is the perfect size; neither to big nor too tight for any yoga mat. Overall great color, quality and space. I'm confident it will last for a while as well. Love it.

Thank you for your review Gabriela!! And for supporting mama earth! So glad you're loving your yoga mat bag.

I’ve been looking for a yoga bag that actually felt like “me” for a bit. Everything I saw online had hints of me but wasn’t fully there. I have no idea how I came across this site BUT when I saw that military green bag with the exterior pocket and silver hardware (the lit kind that feels hella Bergdorf Goodman💅🏽) I was like YAS - so I got it and LOVE it ! I live in NYC where trains are always hella packed by the time I finally get my ass up to go to yoga BUT that external pocket keeps my metro card chillin 🙂 I love my GI JOE Green yoga bag ❤️Gracias

YESSS so happy you found our site and the yoga mat bag is a fit for your NYC life! (Made by a fellow New Yorker :)) Thank you for your amazing review Gabriel!! XO

Great yoga mat

I really like the mat. Great for hot yoga and love that it’s natural. I also bought two blocks and they are great also. They are more stable than the cushy ones that are more frequently used. The mat comes with a nice hemp strap that I love.

Thank you for your review Brittany! So thrilled you're loving your mat (+carrier!) and blocks. Happy practicing!
Backpack straps

Love the natural canvas bag and I can strap it on my back like a backpack. Great for bike riding to yoga.

Yay, so happy to hear! Love that you're biking to yoga! Ditto.
Best mat ever

I was surprised how much I liked this mat - it’s very Zen, meaning no excess towel or fabric to manage. I feel less cluttered in my mind as a result of not having to fix a moving mat/towel under my feet. It smells good. It transports well with hemp strap, I’ve had experience with every yoga mat available on the market and this is the one I select as my favorite. Thank you for caring so much about our planet and for designing a superior yoga mat!

Tricia thank you so much for your kinds words!! So happy you're loving your mat!
great bag

If you're looking for a sturdy bag that can hold more than just a yoga mat and a small towel or two, this is the only one I've come across in 4 years. 4 years and 4 bags later actually - this bag appears to be the only one i will need from here on out!

Oh yayyy! So glad our bag is a fit for you Tim! Thank you for your review!
Exactly what I was looking for!

I was on the search for yoga equipment that would be sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and quality gear. Once I found Ananday I was convinced and bought a block, yoga mat, and strap. I love them all and they are so pretty to look at too! Highly recommended!

Thank you for your generous review Reilly!! So thrilled to hear the mat, block and strap are a fit! This makes our day 🙂

So happy with my mat .Perfect thickness and very well made.I use it daily for hot yoga. I'm so happy that I found annaday. Namaste

Yayyy so happy the mat is a fit for your daily hot practice Larry!!
Great Bag

Bag came when promised and was in great shape. It is just what I needed to carry my yoga pad, block, shoes and strap.

So excited our bag is a fit for your yoga things Jim! Happy practicing!

Love the mat, very happy with the purchase

This makes us so happy! Thank you for your review. Happy practicing Jackson!
Blissfully pleases

I loved all the items i received. The quality is better than expected.

Thank you for your review Chase!! So happy the items are a fit. Happy practicing!
Love this kit!

I treated myself to this beautiful kit and wow, am I impressed with this every piece! The mat is by far the best yoga mat I’ve ever used- it looks beautiful and the feel is even better (I didn’t realize cork could feel so soft)! The bag is the perfect size for all the components with room to spare- I got the surplus color and it’s the perfect calming shade of green. The blocks are super sturdy and the strap feels soft yet durable. I truly couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Stacy, thank you again for your review and your support!! It means the world. So, so thrilled you're enjoying your kit! Happy practicing Xx

Compré esta bolsa para que no se ensuciara mi mat de yoga. Le cabe perfectamente mi mat y tiene espacio extra. La tela es de buena calidad y también tiene bolsas para las llaves etc. Muy buena compra!

Thank you for your review Fernanda!! We're so thrilled you love the bag! Happy practicing!
6 Months of 3-4x a week so I am confident I have a thorough review. 3 mat comparison

To frame this review, let's visit the competitive set first. This mat was immediately a contender in my arsenal of a Lululemon "The Reversible Mat 5mm" and my Manduka "PROlite 71" Yoga Mat". TLDR The Ananday became the best of both worlds and so now the others gather dust. I originally bought the Manduka because of it being a zero waste, non-toxic, and the claim that it didn't need a towel. However, the grip wasn't as good as the Lululemon so that was my go-to mat for my winter hot vinyasa 4x a week practices. Though that is where the benefits stopped for the Lululemon mat. That mat had a terrible plastic smell for several weeks when I first got it, it often needed the occasional wipe in the middle of class because I sweat a lot, and it wasn't always dry by the time I needed it for the next morning's practice. In swooped the Ananday mat, which has amazing grip and somehow grips even better when the cork gets wet, it has no smell, it is zero waste, it dries rapidly, and people seem to be really drawn to the natural and neutral look of the cork. Quite a few people have asked me where I purchased the mat. I would suggest buying yours now before she sells out. I have no regrets and I would wager a lot of money that you won't either.

Chris thank you for your amazing review!! So ecstatic the mat is a fit! And thank you for spreading the world, it means so much!

Best. Mat. Ever.

Totally non-slip for sweaty hot yoga, supports sensitive knees (I often have to use a blanket for the knees, but not with this mat), great thickness, beautiful, well-made, biodegradable... I've tried so many mats, and this one is undoubtedly my favorite. Love at first use. Using these mats for the rest of my life!

This makes us so incredibly happy to hear!! So glad our mat can support your practice!

love the look, space, pockets, long handle if needed included, just overall excellent! happy with purchase

Yayy!! So glad you're happy with your yoga bag! And thank you for your kind review!
Finally, a yoga mat where my hands don't slip!

I've had a hard time finding a yoga mat where my sweaty hands don't slide but this cork yoga mat did the trick! I first tried another brand cork mat that was less expensive but the flip side was not natural rubber, something cheaper, and that other brand mat would not lay flat. The natural rubber backing on this mat makes it substantial, yes, it weighs more, but it's worth it to me to have durability and a mat that lays flat. This mat rolls up nicely, and unrolls perfectly flat. The best part is no slipping! My favorite yoga mat - I have used it regularly for a few months now and hoping that it stands the test of time because it's exactly what I was looking for!

Yesss, we're so happy you found the non-slip magic with us!! (P.S. if you ever want even more grip, you can flip the mat over to the natural rubber side, especially for tricky poses like forearm stand 🙂
Do it

Love it

Thank you for your review!
Perfect bag for my frequent practice !

This bag is perfect. Holds mat, two blocks, two straps, H2O bottle and shower shoes !!!!
Looks good too. Bag arrived without shoulder strap, contacted the maker, one was rushed right to me. Great service. Great bag.

Thank you for your patience and your review Jeffrey! So happy the yoga bag is a fit for your gear!
Perfect for sweaty, hot yoga

Love it! Perfect for hot yoga, hardly even use a towel.

Yay, not needing a towel is the best! That's what we're going for. No towel = less washing and fewer microfibers ending up in the ocean.
My new favorite yoga and dance mat!

I practice & teach yoga daily, so I was looking for an all-natural natural mat w/ a solid grip for heated classes. I love that it's sustainable & reversible, but also durable & easy-to-clean. In a 105°F heated room, the wetter it got, the grippier! A nice surprise.

The cork feels SO lovely and natural w/ a slight cushion - I don't think I'll ever go back to other mat materials now that I've experienced cork. Although it's slightly heavier than some mats, the (I think?) hemp strap makes it easy to carry around. I look forward to a future lighter version, although it's not unreasonable to travel around with this mat.

LOVE and would recommend to any of my students or yoga practitioners. 5/5.

Yesss, so happy the mat is a fit for your practice and teaching! This made our day 😀 Stay tuned, we do have a travel version of the cork mat coming soon!!