Sustainable yoga.

Our favorite eco friendly, plastic free, non toxic, sustainable yoga things. Good for you, good for mama earth. Most yoga accessories are made from toxic plastics — PVC, TPE, EVA, PER, polyester. YIKES! Here are some sustainable alternatives. Because the toxic truth about yoga accessories is not pretty >

Ananday cork yoga mat

Jade natural rubber mat

Manduka eKO mat

100% cotton yoga rug

Ananday cork blocks

Natural wood block

100% cotton strap

Cork yoga wheel

Recycled yoga towel

Recycled wool blanket

Cotton meditation cushion

Crystal third eye pillow

Natural canvas yoga bag

Reusable water bottle

Reusable silicone bag

Ceramic neti pot

Steel tongue scraper

White sacred sage *ethically sourced

Fair trade palo santo
*ethically sourced

Sustainable yoga apparel

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