Sustainable Yoga

Planet kind yoga.

Non toxic yoga mats and accessories that are good for you and good for mama earth.


Sustainable yoga staples.

What we're made for.

A sweaty practice, a slow flow, an omg it’s hot class, a chilled out restorative sesh, a trip to your living room, a trip around the world.

By yogis for yogis. Our pieces are made to support your body, your sweat, your wobbles, your falls, your tears, your laughs, and all the in betweens!

What we're made from.

Natural, sustainable, plant-based materials.

No junk, no toxins, no PVC, no TPE, no phthalates, no synthetics, no plastic. 100% biodegradable and recyclable, including the packaging.

From the earth, to you, and safely back to the earth. #planetkindyoga

Ananday Cork Yoga Mat
Ananday Planet Kind Yoga

Within / without.

We believe yoga transforms—our body, our mind, our world. When we take care of ourselves, we take care of mama earth!

Truth is, most yoga products today are made from toxic plastics and synthetics (packaged in more plastic) that leaches onto us as we practice, and pollutes the earth for 100s of years. Yikes!

There’s a kinder way.

What they're saying.

Wellness notes.

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Alternate nostril breath

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9 eco yoga essentials for your go-bag

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